Attending a new church can be an intimidating experience. What is going to happen? What should I wear? Will they make me stand? Will there be people like me? We don’t want you to feel uncertain about visiting Gracepoint Austin.  So here’s what to expect on a typical Sunday:

You don’t need to dress up. When you arrive, you will be warmly greeted and ushered in to a seat by our welcome team.  Our praise team leads a time of singing, we hear a sermon, and our service ends with prayer. Afterwards, we like to share a home-cooked meal together.

At our church, you’ll find people who have been Christians for years alongside of people who are checking out church for the first time in their lives.  We invite you to join us!


Campus Minsitries


Koinonia is a Christian student organization at the University of Texas - Austin campus. If you’re a Longhorn looking for a group of friends to help you live out your faith, Bible studies, or just an awesome, fun time on a Friday night, then this is the place for you! Find out what’s happening this week on our Koinonia website here.


The International Graduate Student Ministry (IGSM) at UT Austin welcomes graduate students from the U.S. and countries all around the world to come explore the true meaning and purpose of life through the Bible. See IGSM's website for more details.


4Corners is a group for international college students on the UT campus. If you’re new to the country, new to Christianity, or just want to meet new friends, then look no further! Check out the 4Corners website for more information.